Cliches throughout the Jews while some”, Jewish Museum Berlin, Berlin, Germany(traveled in order to Spertus Art gallery, Chi town, You

Cliches throughout the Jews while some”, Jewish Museum Berlin, Berlin, Germany(traveled in order to Spertus Art gallery, Chi town, You

“The fresh new Type of the latest Takamatsu Artwork Museum – A compact Self-help guide to Lives which have Japanese Modern-day Ways”, Takamatsu Artwork Museum, Kagawa, The japanese

“Taguchi Hiroshi Ways Range – A walk-around the newest Latest Art Community immediately following Paradigm Move”, New Museum from Great Arts, Gifu, Japan


“Observe, To help you decorate – This new Musicians out-of Oils Painting Technique and Matter Business”, Brand new College Ways Museum, Tokyo School of the Arts, Tokyo, Japan

“P. SS. forty – Public-school by the Class 1965: Setouchi Triennale 2013”, Ogi Basic and Junior Senior high school, Kagawa, Japan

“Takahashi Range – Mindfulness!”, Kirishima Discover-Sky Museum, Kagoshima (traveled so you can Museum of contemporary Art Sapporo, Hokkaido; 2014 Nagoya Urban area Ways Art gallery, Aichi, Japan)

“ZIPANGU: The fresh new Increase regarding Japanese Latest Artwork”, The Niigata Bandaijima Ways Art gallery, Niigata (2013 moved so you’re able to Takasaki Art gallery regarding Ways, Gunma; Hachinohe Town Art gallery away from Artwork, Aomori; Akita Art gallery of modern Ways, Akita, Japan)

“The original Kiev Around the world Biennale of modern Art -The very best of Times, New Poor of that time, Resurgence and you may Apocalypse for the Modern-day Ways”, Mystetskyi Repertoire, Kiev, Ukraine

“Brand new 35th Wedding of one’s National Museum out of Artwork, Osaka: The Allure of your Collection”, The latest Federal Museum off Art, Osaka, The japanese

“Double Eyes: Modern-day Art of Japan”, Moscow Museum of modern Art, Moscow, Russia (traveled in order to Haifa Museum from Art, Haifa, Israel

“ZIPANGU – 30 spirited designers cutting right through the latest territories out of Japanese latest ways,” Takashimaya Nihonbashi, Tokyo (visiting Takashimaya Osaka, Takashimaya Kyoto, Japan)

“neoteny japan – Regarding Takahashi Range”, Kirishima Outdoors Art gallery, Kagoshima, Japan (traveled so you can Museum of contemporary Ways Sapporo, Hokkaido; 2009 The latest Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo; The fresh new Niigata Prefectural Museum of modern Ways, Niigata; Akita Museum of contemporary Ways, Akita; Yonago Area Museum from Art, Tottori, Japan)

“MANGAMANIA Comical-Kultur into the The japanese 1800-2008”, Museum fur Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany (moved so you can Lousiana Art gallery of modern Ways, Hamlebaek, Denmark)

“Stunning „“ new world „“: Latest Visual Society from The japanese”, Long March Space, Beijing (traveled to help you Guangdong Art gallery from Artwork, Guangzhou, China)

“NIPPON compared to FINEART – Struggling to have Title relating to Western Ways”, Osaka Town Art gallery of modern Art, Shinsaibashi Short-term why Vladivostok girls so beautiful Exhibition Room, Osaka, Japan

“GUNDAM Age group Futures”, Suntory Art gallery [Tempozan], Osaka (traveled to help you 2006 The latest Ueno Regal Museum, Tokyo; Sendai Mediatheque, Miyagi; Takahama Kawara Art gallery, Aichi; 2007 Art gallery of contemporary Ways, Sapporo, Hokkaido; Kyoto International Manga Art gallery, Kyoto, Japan)

“Property YURINSO Unique Open : AIDA Makoto / OZAWA Tsuyoshi / YAMAGUCHI Akira”, Ohara Museum off Ways Yurinso, Okayama, Japan

“Surroundings out-of East Asia (out of Take a trip sketches to War photo) – Yasugoro Ataka, Ryoichi Sasaoka and you can Makoto Aida”, Niitsu Museum of Art, Niigata, The japanese

“An excellent retrospective : NARITA Tohl and many some thing he’s got left behind”, Takayama Uichi Art gallery Museum from Ways, Aomori, Japan

“Sex and you may Consumerism: Modern Artwork in Japan”, Aberystwyth Arts Center, Aberystwyth (journeyed so you’re able to ; Stanley Picker Gallery, London; Hot Bath Gallery, Bath; School regarding Brighton Gallery, Brighton, You.K.)

“The team 1965 – The new Sounds out-of Tokyo”, Galeria Metropolitana Barcelona, The country of spain (traveled in order to 1998 Galerie Espace Flon, Lausanne, Switzerland; ACC Galerie Weimar, Germany)

“Morphe ’95 Area Split”, Mizuma Art gallery / Nikka Whiskey Hall / Western gate of Shinjuku Channel, Tokyo, The japanese

Societal Collection

“New Doraemon Expo Tokyo 2017”, Mori Arts Cardio Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (journeyed in order to 2018 Takaoka Artwork Art gallery, Toyama; Matsuzakaya Artwork Art gallery, Nagoya, Aichi; 2019 Osaka Culturarium during the Tempozan; 2020 Niigata Bandaijima Art Museum; 2021 Kyoto Town KYOCERA Art gallery out-of Ways; Sapporo Artwork Museum, Hokkaido; Fukushima Prefectural Museum regarding Art; 2022 Okayama Prefectural Museum from Ways; Federal Art gallery out of Singapore; 2023 Huis Ten Bosch Museum, Nagasaki; Chiang Kai Shek Art gallery Hall, Taipei, Taiwan)

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