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We kindly ask you to contact our Support department at , providing your withdrawal request Reference number to check on our side. We will be happy to check the information and provide Pepperstone Forex Broker you with detailed responses to all your questions. Please get in touch with our Support team at if you have not received the reply by now, so we can understand the root of an issue.

We hope that in the future you will have the Indicator on your Platform again. We strive to improve our policies and will take your experience as a learning opportunity to improve our policies and procedures in the near future. We reinforce, If you are our real customer, we look forward to hearing from you through customer support. I am a beginner and this is one of the first Indicators that I have purchased. Now that I want to cancel my subscription I can’t find how to do it on the site.

In fact, if I could design a trading/analysis software platform, PRT would be it! I have tried out several other US-based brokers and their software, but never found them to be intuitive. I couldn’t simply open it and start trading or analyzing the markets. Everything makes sense instead of being overloaded with layers of menus that you have to cut through just to get started. Their chart trading capabilities are very easy to use, but thorough. This way, we will review why you were unhappy with our services and would love to provide a solution to the issues you experienced.

Don’t works for me trade correctly

I’m already in there for $700 so I thought well, I’ll wait to see what happens. Then a day later they need $100 for bot maintenance which happens twice a month. By the way, none of that is mentioned anywhere.

  • The broker doesn’t have any special offers that can only be found here, but the local selection of instruments and markets still looks very promising and well-put together.
  • What make this even worse is that i can not get any support or speak to anyone about it either.
  • I work with ic market with same documents..
  • Still, you may be using a fake imitation of our indicator, where the Genuine version can only be accessed through our Official website.
  • Beautifully ran client events by the team, was delighted to attend the Polo, racing and boat networking events.
  • Trust and good customer follow up is the most crucial factor that will build up Company’s reputation.

Please do reach out to us by sending an email to so we can assist you with any queries. So, you know about Pepperstone’s https://forex-review.net/ focus on providing CFD trading as extensively as possible. They are very profitable, but problematic.

Excellent 5 star customer service, thanks Eric.

I am thrilled to read this and so pleased our team members were able to excel and provide you with great customer experience. Really hope you continue to enjoy our service. We really appreciate your honest review of our services. Our aim is to value all clients and provide the best possible trading experience. We are thrilled to read this and so pleased our team members were able to provide you with great customer service. We really hope you continue to enjoy our service.

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Hi Haley, thank you for your message information review. Still, you may be using a fake imitation of our indicator, where the Genuine version can only be accessed through our Official website. The platform allows you to construct Forex charts based either on the NYC timezone, or on the GMT timezone. I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience with the timezone configuration and for the late reply to your email.

I had worked with a few brokers…

Very helpful and responsive support team, I am also waiting for the new update, where it will be even more convenient to sell individual contracts at different prices. The support and service provided by Elvira to guide me through the initial was thorough. Nothing was Too difficult and she was very knowledgable about the features. I have tried other services and this is by far the best I have used thus far. Always trying to improve the services and look forward to the next version. Overall a have had a great experience with ProRealTime as my main charting software.

Had the best customer service experience from Caleb at BlackBull Markets! Over the day I had two queries relating to making a deposit to my account from Australia, and Caleb was quick to understand my situation and find a solution. Caleb provided an in-depth and interpersonal customer service experience that was tailored to my needs, making the interaction feel genuine and the furthest thing from robotic.

Been profiting with this broker platform for 6 years compared to other brokers pepperstone still the best. I could feed my parents and survived during covid , I also trading with proper knowledged. WIthdrawing profits and deposit has no problem till today.

pepperstone review trustpilot

I have been with BalckBull Markets since a year so far. Every time I needed support, the team was responding really quickly, helping me transfert funds, open accounts and so on. The access to assets are good, the back office is really simple, the customer service is on point, the deposit and withdrawal are fast and secure. PROREALTIME IS AWESOME. Their customer service is fantastic and reliable.

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But the worst is the terrible technical service, 1 week to receive a reply! Don’t usually give reviews but I will in this case. I scalp the Eur/Usd and the speads a lot of the time are 0. They charge a commission but it is a fair commission. The orders are filled fast with a minimum of slippage. I would recommend them to anyone no problem as I have no complaints so far about this company.

New phone and MT4 wasn’t letting me create trades. Thank you for taking the time to post your review. Oriana assisted me to finish that issue very quickly.

Customer service is great resolved a…

The only problem is that negative reviews aren’t quite so frequent or encouraged. Still, by reading between lines you can deduce the following advantages. Edit; I received an email from Trust pilot because cryptic bank said they don’t have me on their list of people involved with the company. Then I tried to get on a few hours later and it was deleted.

You should learn a bit before trying to make profit off of them. Thankfully, you don’t need to search thoroughly through Trustpilot and other aggregators, because this article already has the results of exactly such a search. Technically speaking, Canadians can’t receive support from Pepperstone.

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