ORAS Ou Brand new Sexiest of all time – Mega Lopunny Volt-Turn, Peaked: 1894+Elo #5

ORAS Ou Brand new Sexiest of all time – Mega Lopunny Volt-Turn, Peaked: 1894+Elo #5


T The guy S EXIEST O F T HEM A LL – Meters EGA L OPUNNY V OLT – T URN, P eaked: 1894+Elo #5

Mr. Jack (Hoopa-Unbound) Life Orb Ability: Magician EVs: forty-two Atk / 212 Spa / 252 Spe Hasty Character – Clairvoyant – Sink Punch – Dark Pulse – Gunk Decide to try

Mr. Snuggles (Sylveon) Possibilities Standards Feature: Pixilate EVs: 240 Horsepower / 252 Day spa / sixteen Spe Smaller Nature IVs: 0 Atk / 31 Spa / 29 Spe – Hyper Voice – Psyshock – Undetectable Energy [Fire] – Baton Ticket

Ok now this matter was a total powerhouse! There are just 2 things that is also switch safely to the it. That is Heatran and SpDef Talonflame and simply SpD Talonflame people most other varient gets 2HKOd. Various other question that get a Hyper Voice worries the new Hp Flames or Psyshock and when you can buy the forecasts best (the latest switchin can be quite apparent) you can OHKO Scizor, 2HKO Ferrothorn and you can 2HKO Def Mega Venusaur with Stealth Stones, and due to all of our large natural SpD we just take in the 50% from its Sludge Bomb. In addition receive Novias chinese so it question are a good head. Since it OHKOs way too many issues that always want to head and you can a young destroy really throws your own oppont regarding most of the time. To summarize work off Mr. Snuggles:

  1. Wallbreak
  2. Surprise brand new Adversary
  3. Gaining Switch Effort which have Rod Solution

Ace (Scizor) Choice Band Ability: Technician EVs: 76 HP / 252 Atk / 180 Spe Adamant Nature – Bullet Punch – U-turn – Superpower – Journey – Knock Off

Second up we picked scizor, as i desired an effective Fairy resist, Consideration and you will Key Init. Scizor provided me with all of that and more, result in additionally, it Traps the fresh Lati twins, wich shall be a problems to possess lopunny if they are scarfed. Today i’m sure some people would be asking How come you put this much speed on the scizor. I gave it thing adequate speed in order to outrun Rotoms that have 8 EVs from inside the Rates and that i receive this getting very useful it also claimed me personally a few online game, because i will avoid the burn off and i also got regarding 50% damage for the rotom. I am aware I am stopping with the a slow U-Change, not very , Scizor still becomes outsped because of the so many something. And so the Work of the topic try:

  1. U-Change ninety% Go out offering myself Key Init
  2. Cleaning Late-Online game having Round Punch
  3. Revenge Destroy
  4. Pitfall one thing

Ms. Diggersby (Lopunny) Lopunnite Element: Limber EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe Jolly Nature – High Diving Stop – Return – Bogus Away – Freeze Punch

Mr. Snuggles (Sylveon) Choice Specifications Function: Pixilate EVs: 240 Hp / 252 Salon / 16 Spe Smaller Character IVs: 0 Atk / 29 Spa / 31 Spe – Hyper Sound – Psyshock – Undetectable Stamina [Fire] – Baton Admission

Mr. Jack (Hoopa-Unbound) Lives Orb Function: Magician EVs: forty two Atk / 212 Health spa / 252 Spe Rash Nature – Clairvoyant – Black Heartbeat – Drain Punch – Gunk Try

Adept (Scizor) Choice Ring Element: Specialist EVs: 76 Horsepower / 252 Atk / 180 Spe Insistent Characteristics – Round Strike – U-change – Superpower – Hit Out of

Meister Best (Rotom-Wash) Leftovers Function: Levitate EVs: 248 Hp / 252 Def / 8 SpD Bold Nature IVs: 0 Atk – Volt Switch – Hydro Pump – Will-O-Wisp – Discomfort Broke up

Mr. T (Landorus-Therian) Leftovers Feature: Frighten EVs: 252 Hp / 248 Def / 8 SpD Impish Characteristics IVs: 30 Spe – Disturbance – U-change – Brick Border – Covert Rock


You really have a pretty huge Bisharp weakness in your group and that is truly grand. Scarf Landorus-T are going to be unpleasant for your team since you have an effective Hoopa-U with no rocky helmet/harsh epidermis member which can penalize your by using U-turn.

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