The brand new Ptolemy dynasty, at which Cleopatra try the last leader, try descended out-of good Greek Macedonian entitled Ptolemy Soter

The brand new <a href="">Superior MГ­sto pro zahraniДЌnГ­ studenty</a> Ptolemy dynasty, at which Cleopatra try the last leader, try descended out-of good Greek Macedonian entitled Ptolemy Soter

One basic Ptolemy is established just like the leader from Egypt by Alexander the fresh Great’s conquest off Egypt when you look at the 305 B.C.Age. Put differently, the latest Ptolemies had been imperialist outsiders, Greeks, just who ruled more native Egyptians. Many of the Ptolemy ruling relatives marriage ceremonies had been incestuous, with brothers marrying sisters, however every people born on the Ptolemy line and you may who are ancestors out-of Cleopatra VII are recognized to have experienced one another mom and dad who were Ptolemies.

Here is the secret proof within conflict: We are really not clear on brand new society out-of Cleopatra’s mom otherwise her paternal grandma. We just do not know for sure which people females were. Historical info aren’t conclusive from just what their ancestry try or what property they are available out-of. You to simply leaves 50% to 75% out of Cleopatra’s origins and genetic culture not familiar-and you may mature to have conjecture.

There are concepts and you will conjecture, predicated on simple proof, however, zero confidence where often of these lady originated in otherwise what would become, in 19th century terms and conditions, their racial tradition.

Who had been Cleopatra’s Father?

The father regarding Cleopatra VII is Ptolemy XII Auletes, guy from Ptolemy IX. Using their men line, Cleopatra VII are out-of Macedonian Greek origin. However, we all know one to heritage is even out-of parents. Who was his mom and you may who had been the caretaker out-of their child Cleopatra VII, the very last Pharaoh from Egypt?

Simple Family history from Cleopatra VII

In a single standard genealogy and family history out of Cleopatra VII, expected from the specific scholars, Cleopatra VII’s mothers try Ptolemy XII and you can Cleopatra V, one another people away from Ptolemy IX. Ptolemy XII’s mom are Cleopatra IV and you can Cleopatra V’s mommy try Cleopatra Selene I, one another full sisters of its spouse, Ptolemy IX. In this condition, Cleopatra VII’s great-grandparents are Ptolemy VIII and Cleopatra III. These two are full siblings, children regarding Ptolemy VI out-of Egypt and you can Cleopatra II, who’re together with full siblings-with nonetheless so much more intermarriages out of complete siblings back into the first Ptolemy. Within circumstance, Cleopatra VII has actually Macedonian Greek community, with little sum of every other heritage to have years. (Brand new wide variety are a connection regarding afterwards scholars, perhaps not found in the newest lifetimes ones rulers, and biguities on details.)

In another simple genealogy, Ptolemy XII’s mother was an effective Greek concubine and you can Cleopatra V’s mommy is Cleopatra IV, not Cleopatra Selene I. Cleopatra VI’s mothers is actually Ptolemy VI and you may Cleopatra II instead of Ptolemy VIII and you can Cleopatra III.

Cleopatra’s Paternal Grandmother

Particular scholars finish you to Cleopatra’s paternal granny, mommy off Ptolemy XII, wasn’t Cleopatra IV, but is a great concubine. You to woman’s records has been thought become often Alexandrian or Nubian. She was ethnically Egyptian, otherwise she possess had a community and that we’d now label „Black colored.“

Cleopatra’s Mom Cleopatra V

Cleopatra VII’s mommy is usually defined as the lady dad’s cousin, Cleopatra V, a regal wife. Mention of Cleopatra Tryphaena, otherwise Cleopatra V, drop-off from the listing around the big date one Cleopatra VII try born.

Cleopatra V, when you’re usually defined as a more youthful daughter from Ptolemy VIII and you may Cleopatra III, may not have been brand new daughter regarding a royal girlfriend. Whether it scenario is actually direct, Cleopatra VII’s maternal grandmother is various other Ptolemy cousin or anyone unfamiliar, possibly out of a concubine off Egyptian otherwise Semitic African otherwise Black African background.

Cleopatra V, if the she died just before Cleopatra VII was created, wouldn’t be the lady mother. If so, Cleopatra VII’s mommy may likely was indeed either an effective Ptolemy cousin, otherwise, again, some body unfamiliar, which could have been out-of Egyptian, Semitic African, otherwise Black colored African culture.

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