We can’t come back eventually, however, we could last submit until anybody invent the fresh in reverse big date host

We can’t come back eventually, however, we could last submit until anybody invent the fresh in reverse big date host

They’re able to also travel

[A tune initiate to try out towards song away from Zager Evans‘ For the the escort Buffalo NY season 2525.] Song: [verse step one] In the year you to-o-five, one-o-four When the kid has been live If the robot can survive They may find

[verse dos] Around twenty-five twenty-five twenty-five The brand new in reverse day servers nonetheless will not have found its way to the the world, there is certainly one tech A great rusty sword to own training proctology

They travel forward

[verse 3] Down the road seasons one to ends up that have a beneficial twenty A slumpy merman try probably shoot for chummy He might appear to be a beneficial watery wimp While in fact he could be a blood thirsty schrimp

[verse 4] In the year 1 million and a half People kind are enslaved of the giraffe Guys must pay for all his misdeeds When the latest forest tops try removed from other actually leaves

[Montage for the tune: In the year 105105 (verse step one), the nation is covered in the freeze and you will Eskimos pursue the newest crew towards seals with handguns. Around 252525 (verse 2), they meet a beneficial mediaeval castle where a knight driving good ostrich stabs Bender regarding straight back with a blade. In the year 351120 (verse step three), the world is included in water. The amount of time servers drifts, and Fry and you may Farnsworth fool around with Bender’s feet having oars. A merman tries to greeting her or him, however it actually is an enormous schrimp. In one million . 5 (verse cuatro), they meet again a great mediaeval castle, but this time around its home is extremely high, and from the jawhorse happens a great giraffe are removed by the half dozen enslaved people. They’re going an inside a tree having one leaf kept and the newest giraffe eats they. They traveling pass] [Scene: Planet Display: Fulfilling area. The season 3030. World Share is starting to become a large birth organization with many different of several copies of Globe Express watercraft. Making and typing. A vintage Hermes and you can old Leela looks along side hangar which actually have 3 reports out-of boats which can be every leaving and you can typing.] Old Hermes: Often I’m shocked that exactly how effective World Display became due to the fact teacher try slain and you captured manage.

[She takes out a photograph of the lady and you will Fry, who is taking a will from Slurm. Trailing brand new pictures stands an older Cubert.] Old Cubert: Hi, Leels.

[Cubert’s eyes expand.] [Scene: The season five mil. The planet is covered with futuristic houses and its beings are short and you may green, with pointy ears, holding a beneficial headband which have a yellow circle in side. This new crew’s day machine lands during the a park and additionally they meet two population.] Men inhabitant: Will get we help you, unusual of these?

[She opens a good holographic speech a lot more than the heads. A person figure is actually split in two; one side ’s the pink ones.] Men inhabitant: There are we; advanced inside intelligence and you may morality.

[However, this time around the new Dumblocks have taken over and another strikes Bender to the head.] [Scene: The entire year ten mil. Right here, of a lot spoils safety the earth, if you find yourself icon spiders with laser beam beams fury war through to brand new people. Specific wounded soldiers go-by the time server because it appear.] Farnsworth: Yuhoo, people! What is actually this era in human history such?

Soldier #1: The latest. brand new servers, i built them to build our everyday life much easier, but they rebelled. They will not avoid up until all the people is dry.

[Farnsworth and you will Fry are not proud of it coming, but Bender, on the other hand, is apparently experiencing the prospect.] Bender: Which seems like an excellent upcoming. Let’s only stay here. We can relax thereon hill of skulls.

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